Welcome to Vote Assist!

We must repair a broken system by reducing corporate influence.

The old establishment parties, Democrats and Republicans, do not really serve us as policy identifiers any more. Most politicians are corporate-owned or corporate friendly beyond what serves their citizenry.

In contrast to these less-than-ideal politicians are the real champions of today’s mostly broken democracy, the progressives. Indeed, it’s Progressives vs. Corporatists. These are the real lines we need to pay attention to. Vote Assist is intended to make those lines obvious.

It is also worth noting that we see Integrity as a prime consideration when choosing our elected officials. Corporatists, by their nature, allow other priorities to rule their decision-making. Progressives, almost universally, hold Integrity in high esteem, as their goal and mission is to serve we, the people.

As I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, we will begin with the local elections scheduled for November 2nd, 2021. Please check out our Cincinnati City Council Candidates – The World5 Core Five…

Or just read about them right here…


Aftab Puveval – Aftab has shown ambition, but has also demonstrated a good deal of integrity in his time as Clerk of Courts. David Mann, his opponent, has too often been on the side of developers over neighborhoods, and corporations over citizens.


With 35 candidates in a randomized order (depending on your precinct) and the recognition that it’s at times easier to determine not to vote for as opposed to who to vote for, we list five core candidates that we think provide the best governance and give us a majority on Cincinnati City Council. In order of our priorities…

Michelle Dillingham – teacher, activist, community leader, Michelle has been tireless in working to improve our city and its residents.

Jan Michele Lemon Kearney – appointed to council in March 2020, Jan has shown a commitment to neighborhoods and communities in her time there.

Brian Garry – has been engaged with community and sustainability issues his entire adult life. An advocate for the poorest neighborhoods, stopping violence and supporting education are priorities.

Evan Holt – Evan brings a sharp mind and working class attitude to council. His priorities are affordable housing, living wages and a better transit system to connect jobs and workers.

Kevin Flynn – While we don’t agree with some of Kevin’s policy positions, we agree with his tag line ‘shining a light on city hall’. In his past stint on council he did just that. Integrity trumps policy positions.


Yes on One – This proposed tax levy is primarily intended to support children services in Hamilton County. We have no more valuable resource than our children. They warrant our support.

No on Two – This proposed tax levy is intended to help Hamilton County grow and maintain our park system. Hamilton County Parks are a bright spot in our region, but the current structure of park administration does warrant more money. Fix the system first.

No on Three – This ill conceived and poorly written proposed amendment would combine a bunch of anti-corruption legislation, which we like, but in typical political form it’s also loaded with crap that only a Republican legislator would support. (It was written by Tom Brinkman, a Republican State Representative now running for Cincinnati. We can do better.)


Donte Johnson is the endorsed Democrat while Elizabeth Tye is also well qualified to fill this position. The third option is Republican Bertha García Helmick, appointed by Republican Governor Mike DeWine. We’re not thrilled with her.


Maintaining good school administration in the face of COVID, dedicated bus service and other challenges, we believe the best candidates to be Mike Moroski, Mary Wineberg, Brandon Craig and Kareem Moffiett.

~ End of Ballot ~